Bluedoor Publishing

Bluedoor is a publisher specializing in custom science textbooks. Their competitive edge has been the ability to truly customize textbooks—down to the letter. They’ve also recently started producing stand-alone products, along with creating digital services and platforms for publishing. With all of these changes, they needed a new website.

The challenge behind this re-design was how to promote these very disparate markets and new services in a intuitive and user friendly way. Instead of creating a divide and separating the traditional and private markets we decided to focus on the products (content). The site focuses on the disciplines that bluedoor serves and the products that they are creating. Along the way the user is given multiple opportunities to view custom solutions, typically seen in the traditional market; and complete solutions, typically seen in the private market.

Visit the site here.

Custom Illustrations


Bluedoor Cloud

Two of Bluedoor’s services are bluedoorlabs and bluedoorcloud. Both of these are currently under development (adding new features). Below is an initial mock-up of the services “product” page, describing the major features of bluedoorcloud.